This series "A Soldiers Promise" is dedicated to the men and women enduring the everyday challenges of being in today's military. The military poses many challenges emotionally for families and unless you have been there it is impossible to

AMB Publications is proud to convey these challenges based on true life events and emotions that showcase love, betrayal, struggle, constant moving around, long distance relationships, and so much more. With the turn of every page, we hope that we can inspire and entertain you the readers worldwide
and take this experience and share it with others experiencing the very same circumstances. As members in each branch of the military "A Soldier's Promise" is AMB's salute to the Armed Forces.

Heart pounding…tear jerking…arousing…worst pain…and
the best feeling we ever had…

“These tears I cry…sure won’t be the last…this pain
inside…never seems to past…never seems to past me by…”

Tour the journey as this Officer and gentleman, John Dixon, rescues a woman that has been sold to drugs and slave trade. He is a hero to the states; but his soul is empty much
like poor Nikki’s. Both are victims to lack of love and support as

John is condemned for serving a country that has killed innocent members of his family and Nikki is outcast from her influential family due to her accidental addiction to drugs.

Love finds them and life is good but when John is called back to fighting for his country Nikki is left feeling alone and abandoned. John’s family has yet to accept her and their
newborn son, her sister is wallowing in her luxurious lifestyle, and the loneliness and uncertainty of John’s wellbeing begins to warm the veins in her arms. The letters begin and express the love, support, and dependence, they vow never to

When the letters stop… the commanding officers seem oblivious to what has happened to Nikki’s Dear John.
She suspects malice and questions the platoon only to find that Naval Officers that her husband trained and wives she has communed, cried, and serviced with have demanded she show proof of marriage. Lost in the twilight zone, Nikki becomes
irate and against all odds and warning of possible torture and capture leaves the states headed to Afghanistan in search for her husband. Book one is just the beginning of this story of romance and heroism. How far would you go for love?



Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dear John,


 I want to start off my saying I love you. I didn't get to tell just how much before you departed the station; but somehow from the look in your eyes I figured you knew. My heart aches for you. I am presently filled with worry just thinking of the horrifying tours you may endure.

 I pray for you and the troops daily. Jonathan is getting bigger each day. He has your eyes. The birth wasn't so bad, my mother and your sister were there. I had to eventually make them leave. They made such a fuss over me and the baby. I asked them to go home.

 How are you? Are you eating ok? Any word on when you may come home? The war seems endless and as of late my selfishness has caused me to grow a blind eye to the terrors of the world. I long to feel your touch, I wear your t-shirt to bed nightly to keep you close. God I hope this letter finds you safe. The burn for you singed my inner thighs. So much so I had touch to calm my erupting flame. Your lips are what I miss most. The tenderness of your kiss and your whispers of love into my ear saves me from demise at my own hand. My heart has grown fonder of you. I hope your eyes unveil these words. Oh I don't care (I am laughing at myself as my cheeks burn with embarrassment.) I am not ashamed of my love for you. How are you sleeping? I am sure as light as you can. I know you hate the fight.

 I do as well. Sometimes I am so angered by your decision to join I say murderous slurs. What about us? We need you too. I know..., I know you are a man of honor and you would do anything to protect your family. The good of the country excuse my selfishness. I apologize...

 I dreamt of you. I could still feel you inside me as my love reached climax I could taste the sweet nectar of your juices. You smiled as we kissed.

 Unable to contain naughty thoughts at work I rushed to the bathroom to relieve my stress. My head slammed up against the bathroom stall and I quickly pulled my skirt into place afraid someone bore witness to my sexual display. I was embarrassed slightly but your love felt so good. I burn for you. I am often lonely. If only I could just feel your arms around me. That in it self would carry me through. Your smell is fading from my worn tee. The picture of your face in my dreams is now blank. I am afraid please respond tell me you are OK.

 I miss you so, I need you more afraid to say goodbye for fear it may come true…


 Your love…



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